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Posted by on Saturday, June 16, 2012

My favorite music podcast and also my favorite place to find new music is NPR's All Songs Considered. The creator and Ryan Ward look alike, Bob Boilen, is my music critic hero. I trust his opinion on music more than my wife (sorry sweetheart). I look forward to every podcast.

Yesterday I listened to the Best Music of the Year (so far) podcast. It was good as always. I found new bands and songs to listen to, but there was one part I hated. One of the contributors, Ann Powers, chose Call me Maybe as one of her favortie songs of the year. Dude, I was pissed. First of all she's an idiot. Most of her choices suck anyways, but this crossrd the line. If I wanted to hear songs like that I would download the Jersey Shore soundtrack podcast (I don't think that exists, so don't look it up but you get the point). 
Second, it's one of the worst songs ever recorded in the history of songs. Maybe Friday by Rebecca Black is worse, but it's up there. 

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