Benjamin Gibbard- Former Lives (album review)

Posted by on Friday, October 19, 2012

Former Lives is one of my favorite albums of the year (despite what all the reviews say). Ben (I guess it's Benjamin now) Gibbard takes a break from Death Cab to put out a solo album that (as he puts it) is more reminiscent of his record collection than his song writing with his band. Duncan, for example, sounds like a Harry Nilsson throw back. Broken In the Western Sky could have been written and sang by Glen Campbell.

I've listened to this so many times this week and can't find anything wrong with it. The song writing is great, the music is great, his voice is great, but every review I read consistently under rates the album. I guess there's something I'm not hearing when I listen to it.  I enjoy every song on the album. It's very diverse (there's a mariachi on Something's Rattling) and very much a solo album. Listen to it despite what Pitchfork says. I don't think you'll be disappointed, especially if you're a Ben Gibbard fan. 


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  2. i thought it was pretty good, but also felt like a lot of times during the album he was pandering toward his happiness. but, i'm a pretty cynical guy so i'm probably wrong.


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