Xtina's Band of the Day

Posted by on Sunday, November 24, 2013

I heard about these guys via an SF Weekly blog post about a song they wrote in tribute to a Rumpus literary editor. I love the Rumpus, so I clicked on their bandcamp page, and boy, am I glad. I usually never click links on the internet. I just sit and stare at my desktop most of the time. Also, they are from San Francisco, and I just like anything from San Francisco since I'm so homesick. I even wear sports regalia now (kidding).

The Yellow Dress is a little reminiscent of the Decemberists, I think, but they definitely have their own sound. "FatherSunFunRun // Walk Towardson //Daniel Pennypacker" is really fun and musically diverse. It even has a saxophone on it. It's pretty much just jazz music, you guys. (Kidding again.)

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