St. Vincent

Posted by on Friday, September 14, 2012

I recently fell in love with St. Vincent. I always really wanted to like her. I think she is the most beautiful person in the world. Maybe that's shallow, but I just think she's really interesting, too. However, I found it hard to get into her music. You could never quite hear her voice over her bad ass guitar, which is kind of a problem when you want to actually hear the words. I set her aside with promises to try again.

 One day, Annie Clark and David Byrne decided to make an album together, so she was everywhere. I'm not sure if I heard St. Vincent on accident or on purpose this time around, but I am glad that it happened. Guys, I am obsessed. Annie Clark has an incredible voice. It sounds so classic, like she should be singing in an opera or some other musical thing that I know nothing about. When you listen to her, it makes a lot of sense that she played with Sufjan Stevens.

 Also, her guitar playing is phenomenal. Seriously, "bad ass" is the only way to describe it. It really takes the stage, which would make it a battle between her voice and her guitar if they didn't complement each other so wonderfully. While all of Strange Mercy is wonderful, I think "Cruel" is a great example of it.

She makes me want to have the curliest hair ever. So in love. Listen to "Cheerleader" for another great song. You can also try the whole album or Actor (her previous album) as well.

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