The Carpenter (again)

Posted by on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I know Zach already posted about this album but I have a couple things to say about it too so sorry for some repetition....

I've been obsessed with The Avett Brothers since 2007 when Emotionalism came out. My brother was into them and would mention them every now and then. Then they played at the Bumbershoot music festival on a little stage in the corner. I went alone. The friends I was with wanted to go see Mae instead. Of course, they were incredible and I've never turned back.
It's been interesting to see them evolve these last 5 years. They've changed a lot but they're still them. I don't think it's possible for them to make anything bad. (Knock on wood. I used to think that about Nate Ruess). I gave their new album, The Carpenter a listen last night. (Thanks NPR!) Now, I've only listened to it once and it was late at night but here are my first, sleepy thoughts on it.
It was really good. Really different from their old stuff but really good. Don't know if I could call it my favorite yet but I still really enjoyed it. It's a lot less bluegrass-ey, a little more sing-song-ey. Less banjo, more drums, some electric guitar, even some horns. I felt like there was also a lot less vocal harmonies than usual too and I don't think there was any passionate build up to him yelling. In other albums he yells at least once or twice. I missed that. I also missed the harmonies and banjo.
That said, it's still a fantastic album. A great addition to their collection. I think it's great they're changing and experimenting. Now that they're making more money, why not? I think it's time they did. They've already set the tone for other bands such as Mumford & Sons and a few others. Now that their bluegrass/rock sound is trending, time to mix things up a little bit, right? Set some new trends. Explore new sounds. Luckily, it would seem, The Avett Brothers will always be The Avett Brothers. They will always sing beautifully. They will always sing things that get me right in the heart. They will always be who I listen to when I have a rough day. They will always get me.

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  1. Good review. I thought 'I and Love and You' was actually more of a departure than their previous albums. A lot of the songs on this one remind me of the Gleam EP's. I love the album, In fact I think its probably my favorite album this year. That being said, it's missing the grittiness and raw feel of all the albums up to Emotionalism. I guess that's what happens when the same guy who produced Jay-Z's black album produces your last two albums.


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