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Posted by on Friday, August 9, 2013

I found my song of the day through BUST magazine's website. Ever since I was little, I have read anything I could get my hands onto. I may be delving into areas people don't want to know about, but I would run all around the house looking for something to read even when I had to use the bathroom. I read the funnies with breakfast, and if those were unavailable, I read the back of the cereal box. As such, I am a huge proponent of magazines. I can sometimes be a cynic, but I like to think that magazines and libraries will last forever and ever.

I digress. BUST is a great magazine, and you should read it. It is way better than Cosmo or any of those other magazines that purport to be a "women's" magazine. The song is "Like I Did" by Gina Cimmelli.

Click here to listen via BUST's website.

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