Concert Review : No Age

Posted by on Friday, September 13, 2013

So a few weeks ago I saw the 2 piece punk band No Age at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City UT. It was probably the most intimate show I've ever been to outside of shows in houses and church basements from my youth and days in Rexburg. I got to meet both band members and chat a bit with the drummer/vocalist Dean. He was a cool guy.

Their set was about half new songs from their album An Object that was just released in August and then a few songs from each of their previous three albums. It was loud, ragged and yet melodic and pretty at times. Being there with a close friend and just a few dozen others made it a cool experience.

After the show I bought their new album on vinyl, which the band personally designed and packaged and got it signed by Dean, with the statement, "Ryan, Thanks! Welcome to life!"

So, if you're ever in SLC check out a show at Kilby Court or wherever you are go see No Age. Ya dig!!??


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