"I'll never understand this heart of mine" (Xtina's Song of the Day)

Posted by on Friday, December 20, 2013

It is currently 29 degrees on the day before the first day of winter, and I am wrapped up on the couch in my warmest, softest most comfortable blanket with the heater cranked to 80. I needed some easy yet soulful listening while I accomplished important tasks like reading lifestyle blogs, but I also wanted something new. As I perused blogs, I stumbled upon musician Nathan Reich. He is perfect and just what I needed.

His voice reminds me of a combination of Bob Nanna, Jack Johnson, and Damien Rice. It carries the Christina-approved stamp of melancholy with a hopeful vitality. Enjoy this live video on this glorious first day of winter.

(I just clicked on the full YouTube link, and it turns out that it is a part of the Avett Brothers' crackerfarm YouTube page. So great.)

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