"New Year's resolution to write something of value" (xtina's song of the day)

Posted by on Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The year is officially over in twelve hours, but I still think in terms of school years, so I have another five months to go. My goal is to stay up until midnight tonight and to avoid watching NYE celebrations on television at all costs. The one time I did that was by far one of the saddest new year's eves of all time.

My song of the day is "New Year's Resolution" by Camera Obscura because duh. My dear friend Nick reminded me that I have yet to review Desire Lines, but I have already featured "This is Love (Feels Alright)" as a song of the day, so maybe I will make it through the album song by song until I reach the end.

This song has all the elements of a good Camera Obscura song: doo-wop harmonies, melancholy lyrics, sugary pop, and solid guitar. Enjoy, and go ahead and make some fail-safe resolutions such as breathe in AND out, wear mismatched socks, pet a cat, or go outside. Don't try too hard this year, but do listen to this song.

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