"What's the point of doing anything?" (Xtina's Song of the Day)

Posted by on Monday, January 6, 2014

St. Vincent (a.k.a. Annie Clark), a woman on whom I have an undeniable ladycrush, put out a new song today called, "Digital Witness." This is her second single off her upcoming self-titled album. She was obviously influenced by the music she made with David Byrne; this song is more horn-heavy than anything, but Annie Clark's signature guitar sneaks in throughout. "Digital Witness" is a satirical social critique on our obsession with technology.

"People turn the TV on, it looks just like a window."
"What's the point of sleeping if I can't show it? You can't see me."

Yes, there is a smidgen of irony in my listening to this song on the internet and blogging about it so everyone can see what I think. Pair this with The Circle by Dave Eggers for maximum (and justifiable) technology phobia.

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