Jeff Tweedy Live at Cain's Ballroom

Posted by on Saturday, June 21, 2014

This past Wednesday Jeff Tweedy played the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma and it was really, really, really good. It was my first time to see him live and he lived up to the hype I built around the show. I was really nervous before. I was afraid I wouldn't enjoy the show, which was dumb to think. 
First off, if you ever get a chance to see a show at Cain's Ballroom you need to go. It's the best venue I've ever been to. Not only is it's history deep (country greats like Hank Williams and Bob Wills frequently played there), but's it's small enough to still connect with the artists plying on stage, and it's was air conditioned.

The first part of Tweedy's set were all new songs from his upcoming album. His son, Spencer, plays drums on the album and is also touring in the band put together for the tour. The new songs were really good. It made me really excited for the new solo album. I never got bored while they played through the entire new album. 

After 13 songs, the band left and Tweedy played a solo acoustic set of Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Loose Fur, and cover songs. It was flawless. The acoustic portion of the show started with "Via Chicago", one of my favorite Wilco songs, and he continued to play crowd pleasing hits. It was such a good night. 

Below is the set list of the acoustic part of the show.

  1. Via Chicago
  2. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
  3. New Madrid
  4. Theologians
  5. Whole Love
  6. Passenger Side
  7. Laminated Cat
  8. Hesitating Beauty
  9. Born Alone
  10. Jesus, Etc.
  11. I'm the Man Who Loves You
  12. A Shot in the Arm
Give Back the Key to My Heart
California Stars

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