Strand of Oaks

Posted by on Saturday, June 21, 2014

Great things come from Indiana: Amy Doll, Ezra-Bug, Larry Bird, Rudy and Strand of Oaks.

I've probably said this one too many times but it feels like forever since I started liking an artist I hadn't already liked 5ish years ago. New music just hasn't been my bag, baby. Then I heard a song by Strand of Oaks called "JM" which is a tribute to the late great Jason Molina. The thing I loved the most about the song besides the fact that it's just a great song is it actually sounds like a song Jason Molina might have written. The way the guitar is tuned totally sounds like it might have been a track on Pyramid Electric Co.

Tonight I also listened to a few other songs from their upcoming album entitled Heal that comes out Tuesday.

Apparently their album is also currently streaming on NPR's first listen. So if you enjoy these songs as much as I do you'll probably be checking that out.

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