Two Albums You Should Listen to Right Now

Posted by on Sunday, March 2, 2014

There are two albums I currently can't stop listening to, Morning Phase by Beck and Burn Your Fire for no Witness by Angel Olsen. Both albums are new this year. Beck's album came out just this last Tuesday and Angel Olsen's the week before.
They're both similar in the fact that they're very easy listening albums, but that's about it. Morning Phase has rich production with strings and an orchestra. It's so big, yet really simple. It's a Sunday morning album. I'm in love with it right now, especially after seeing him perform two of my favorite songs ("Blue Moon" & "Wave" along with J. Tillman) on SNL last night.
Angel Olsen's album on the other hand sounds like it could have been recorded in my parents garage. The low production makes this album so sweet and  intimate. I want to sit and listen to it in the dark by myself with my headphones on with my cat on my lap ( a little bit of man died in me as I wrote that). It's a brilliant, brilliant album. Her voice is haunting, it's one of the best female voices in independent music right now.
If you haven't heard either of these two albums, you can listen to them on Spotify or better yet just buy them. They're worth it.

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