Two Albums You Should Listen To Right Now

Posted by on Saturday, March 22, 2014

Two albums that I'm really into right now are Darlings by Kevin Drew and Guilty of Everything by the band Nothing.

Darlings is great because it's like a new Broken Social Scene album. It's front man Kevin Drew's second solo album and I dare say it's the better of the two. It's a little sensual or sexual or perhaps adult themed, so our younger readers might steer clear. Songs like "Body Butter" and "Good Sex" are about exactly what the titles suggest. This isn't the first time KD (not Kevin Durant, but wouldn't that be funny) has dove into sexual themes on songs("Lovers Spit", "TBTF"), and probably won't be the last which is a good thing, probably. He finds a way to make these themes tasteful. It's not like 50 cent rapping about hooking up with girls on the club floor, it's artistic.

The second album is by a band called Nothing. Lead vocalist  Dominic Palermo recently did a little time in the slammer and appropriately titled the album Guilty of Everything. I'm not sure what to compare it to, but it's most definitely rock n roll. It has kind of a garage rock 90's feel, kind of like Mikal Cronin, but lounder and distorted. A couple of my favorite songs are "Hymn of the Pillory" and the title track "Guilty of Everything".

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