Night Beats vs. The Cramps

Posted by on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I went and saw Ty Segall last night. Really good but what I can't stop thinking about (yet again) is the opening band, Seattle's very own Night Beats. I had looked them up before the show and really enjoyed their album. Their live performance wasn't particularly impressive though I've been told it was just an off night for them. But, while I was watching them, it hit me. They sound like The Cramps! They sound just like The Cramps!
If you're not familiar with The Cramps, they're a psychedelic punk band from 70's and I love them. They are considered the progenitors of psychobilly (a punk sub-genre of punk with rockabilly and psychedelic influences). Though, I've heard the band prefers not to be categorized into that genre.
I spent some time today comparing and researching the two bands. While they still have their own distinct sound, Night Beats definitely has a similar sound to The Cramps. Night Beats claim to have soul influences (which I can agree to) where The Cramps have a more rockabilly influence. Though, I was somewhat disappointed to not find and attribution of The Cramps to their sound. Because it's definitely there. Maybe they have just never hear The Cramps? That would be surprising. Or maybe they really don't sound that much like The Cramps and I'm totally wrong. Whatever.
Either way, you should listen to both bands. They're good. Here's a cool Night Beats music video. I couldn't find a good Camps video. Probably because they're old and punk rock like that. So you get a link to spotify instead.

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