Concert Report: Yo La Tengo in Seattle

Posted by on Monday, May 27, 2013

Last weekend two good friends and I had the chance to catch Yo La Tengo live at the Showbox in Seattle. The Showbox is one of my favorite venues and Yo La Tengo, it turns out, is one of my favorite bands. I have always enjoyed YLT's output but I realized after seeing them live that they are one of my top 25 favorite bands, (Like I have a list or something... I'm working on a list fyi).

The show was unique because there was no opener and YLT played a handful of songs in an opening acoustic set before taking a break and returning with an electric set. The acoustic set was enjoyable, with new songs and a few old. We were very close to the stage so it was nice and intimate to hear, especially Georgia, singing. But I was there to have my face melted off by Ira's feedback laden guitar work, burning organ lines and James' thudding bass. I was not disappointed. Ira looks like he could be your boring uncle or some guy who works at a grocery store but he literally flings himself and his guitar around in a savage destruction your ears. I loved it, especially fuzzed out favorites like "Sugarcube", and "The Story of Yo La Tengo."

The band topped off a great show with an encore of cover songs. They covered the Velvet Underground and even a song by the Soft Boys. And to make things even better Peter Buck from R.E.M., who lives in Seattle, joined them for the encore playing a sparkling pink Danelectro 12 string guitar! What a show! Thank you Yo La Tengo.

- Earl

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