Middle School and Radiohead

Posted by on Thursday, May 2, 2013

I teach computers at a middle school. Everyday when they come in I have a blog prompt up on the board. It's usually something like, "What's your favorite food" or "If you had superpowers, what would they be?", stuff like that. Today I wrote, "Listen to the Song that's playing and tell me what you think about it. You'll have to be quiet to hear it."

When they came in "Codex" by Radiohead was playing in the background. They blogged about it and here are some of their responses. Some of them liked it, but most hated it. Sorry, Thom York.
"Thanks for having us listen to this horrible song and ruining my day even more. I appreciate it."

"Well i really think this is a very boring song and it is to sad for the morning to be sad so yeah but that is just me and very depressing and not happy and smooth and quiet the kind of music my cousin listens to and she is like 23 years old. boring"

"This song is very calming and yet vary emotional. He uses very little to explain a whole lot. I like it because it is sad like and yet very calming. I like how it is very dinamic and very expressive. It is as well as sad as it is emotional."

"Well……um……It’s awful. It is one of the WORST songs I have ever heard. I’m really sorry Mr. Gibson but now I have a headache. I have a feeling that this song means something to you so I won’t be REALLY harsh. But common its sucks. It isn’t really a song to me people would wanna listen to. It sounds like the background music in a death film after everyone dies or something. I’m not kidding it hurts my head. TURN IT OFF!!!!!!"

"this song reminds me of like a movie opening song and it sounds like the band “city and colour” cause the way the singer sings and the piano….."

"This song is very relaxing. I like the grand piano in the background  It sort of reminds me of a song that would be playing in the movie “500 Days of Summer”. I love that movie although Zoey plays a total jerk in it. I like this song because it sounds as if it raining, but just enough rain to still be happy, and relaxing."

"Its really weird.its also boring.i don't like it at all.this song is slow.i don't like slow songs."


  1. These had me cracking up. I love it.

  2. I think this needs to be a regular thing in your classroom.


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