Fond Memories Volume I

Posted by on Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It was the last day of the spring semester, 2008. Aaron Patrick McGregor Esquire exited his Sunrise Village apartment triumphantly, having just finished cleaning for the next morning's white glove inspection. His friend, Jeffrey Scott Poole was in tow.

The day after spring semester 2007 the dynamic duo had attended a Built to Spill show in Salt Lake City followed by a late-night gorge fest of Del Taco that produced the now famous quote, "Quantos tacos Senor? Diez?!" The friends had enjoyed this experience so much they decided a sequel was appropriate, having bought tickets to see Built to Spill in Boise the next day.

Following their noses, they partook of some Denny's late that night with some friends before heading back to Aaron's apartment to prepare for the following day's adventure. Having fully prepared by about 2:30 a.m. they decided the next appropriate step would only be getting a head start on their journey. They departed Rexburg immediately and drove westward into the beautiful desert night.

After almost two hours they were quite drowsy and decided a strange locale named Craters of the Moon would be the ideal spot to pull over the trusty Pontiac. They found an empty parking lot and pulled into a spot intended for a fifth wheel style trailer and truck. Aaron reclined the passenger seat as Jeff opened the compartment between trunk and back seat. He slept in the trunk with his head protruding  in the style of a turtle. They slept for a maximum of three hours before the sun disturbed their slumber.

Noticing cars parked around them and quite the crowd inside the nearby visitor center, they promptly grabbed their toiletries and entered the crowded lobby, wiping sleepers from their eyes all the while. They found the bathroom and freshened up for the day. Somewhere on the pass near Little Camas Reservoir seemed like a good place for a nap and they took their posts like the previous night. As Jeff snoozed in the shaded trunk Aaron found the sun to be rather antagonistic and being a Mountain Man (haha get it?) decided a stroll through the woods would suit him. Once Jeff awoke they headed down the other side of the pass and were soon entering Boise.

The two men decided to stick to tradition and soon found an Albertsons grocery store from which they acquired fried chicken for sustenance. Having eaten in the park they met up with some of Jeff's brother's friends at a downtown record store and eventually settled on Pavement's Crooked Rain Crooked Rain and The Promise Ring's Nothing Feels Good. Afterward it was time to head to the Gem State Music Jam to catch openers New Monsoon and Blue Turtle Seduction.

Although Boise is their hometown, Built to Spill drew a meager crowd and it was rather easy to get a spot in the first row so as to see all the crazy plywood boards with guitar pedals attached strewn across the stage. The show was excellent aside from the fact that a rather inebriated middle-aged couple thought it was hilarious to have the wife attempt to dance with Jeff during songs as the husband sarcastically threatened him for putting moves on his wife. Aaron more or less thought it was amusing.

The concert ended and the young men somehow made it home unscathed, enjoying their new CDs until the end of the mythical journey.

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