We the Common (album review)

Posted by on Thursday, February 7, 2013

I always get nervous when I write about music that people actually listen to. I am the only one of my friends that listens to Thursday, so I could hypothetically make stuff up if I wanted to. I don’t of course…but I could.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down’s new album We the Common is so great. I really loved their previous album Know Better Learn Faster as well as the Thao & Mirah album, but this album has such a different feel. It feels much more folk-driven to me right from the get-go. I read a Paste review where they described this album as “fun,” and I can agree with that. Know Better was fun; it definitely had some poppier elements on it. But this one doesn’t really feel like a pop album.

My favorite track is probably the title track. It starts off so fresh. It feels like a new beginning. “Every Body” feels a lot like an older song to me. It has chants and claps, which is a Thao staple. I really know nothing about instruments, but she does include a guitar (or something) that adds a fresh sound to the song.
For the most part, this album veers off the path Thao has tread with other albums, and I like that. 

Purchase it at your local Sam Goody.

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  1. Ack! I was totally gonna write about this album too! That's what I get for putting it off. I agree with you though, this album is pretty different from her last two albums. I saw her at Bumbershoot when her first album came out, We Brave Bee Stings and All. She was awesome so I went and bought it and loved it. I still do. I never really got into her second album, Know Better Learn Faster though I still really like it. I just think it was so similar to We Brave that I have never really taken much time for it. But this new album definitely explores a lot more sounds, different vocal styles, more instruments. She's got some horns, some banjo, a collaboration with Joanna Newsom, even a little hint of some blues. I love it. She's playing a free show tonight in Seattle. If I get off work in time, I'm totally going. I'll let you know how it goes.


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