Did the Lord Stop Paying the Lease? (Reunited and it feels so good.)

Posted by on Friday, March 15, 2013

No one wants to admit being disappointed in their favorite band. It hurts. When a band you love puts out a mediocre (or even worse, terrible) album, it feels like you've been cheated on. How did they not appreciate what you had together? Especially after you and that certain band shared so many good times (albums) together?

This is how I felt about Minus the Bear. They were one of my favorite bands during high school (I feel like I say this a lot). They really captured the urgency and also the heaviness that I and a lot of my friends felt at the time. But I should have seen the signs.

I saw them in concert twice, and both shows were filled with dry-humping teenagers. Then they put out Planet of Ice, and I just didn't like it. It felt lighter or cheaper. I'm sure that it will sound different when I go back and listen to it now, but it just wasn't right for me then. I didn't like Omni either, but guess what? It just came on, and I still thought it was their most recent album, and I liked it!

That puts us where we are at now. I think Minus the Bear and I have made up. I think we are in love again. Infinity Overhead is such a good album, and it contains all of the things that made me love them so long ago. My favorite track of the moment is "Heaven is a Ghost Town." It begins with a very Minus the Bear-esque guitar, but it feels a little bit different than the Minus the Bear I once knew.

If you have never listened to them, I  would recommend starting with Menos el Oso. It is seriously the best. And then just go on from there. All of their albums are for real, you guys.

Have you ever experienced this kind of breakup with your favorite band? I hope it had as good of an outcome as my own. (We all know Zach has. Read about it here.)



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