DIY (A Kickstarter you should get behind*)

Posted by on Sunday, March 24, 2013

I was really sad when Thursday broke up. I got a tattoo for them! But the singer and main songwriter of the band, Geoff Rickly, started doing solo stuff. In other news, Tucker Rule, the drummer, went on tour with a boy band called the Wanted. I guess boy bands didn't release all of his energy because he is now starting a hardcore band called Get Involved! with members of some of my past and present favorite bands including Glassjaw, From Autumn to Ashes, Death in the Park (which includes members of Hot Rod Circuit), and Judge.

They plan to release an EP sometime in the late spring. If you donate $1, you get two digital downloads of demos from the EP. If you donate $8, you get the whole EP whenever it comes out. If you are on a strict budget like I am, you might only be able to donate one dollar. That's fine. Unlike voting, every person counts here. 

I think this is really cool that fans have the opportunity to donate to their favorite bands. I once gave Chris Conley of Saves the Day $5 for gas, and I really felt good after, like I was helping him continue doing what he was doing. He probably bought a Red Bull with it or something. 

Anyway, read about it and go donate if that's what it makes you feel like doing.



*If you want.

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