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Posted by on Saturday, March 2, 2013

I think most my friends are familiar with my feelings on Jack White. I've been thinking about him the last few days. Little links keep popping up on my Facebook news feed about things he's doing or interviews he's had or whatever and it's just got me thinking. I've told people in the past that I LOVE Jack White, that I'm a little obsessed with him. But in thinking and reading about him more lately, I don't think that quite describes my feelings for him. Because I'm not some crazy groupie fan, I just really respect him. I have a very deep respect for Jack White. I think his music is really fantastic and love it a whole lot. But for him, as a person, an artist, a musician, I just respect what he's doing so, incredibly much because he is what he does and he does what he loves the most and he is 100% authentic about it all. He doesn't do it for the money or the attention or the novice of it all. He does it because it's who he is. And he just happens to be incredibly good at it all. I find him really inspiring. I don't think it would hurt to have more people like Jack White in the world.

I watched this "interview" with him and Conan today. It's a little long but really great and worth every minute of it.

Also, Record Store Day is coming up and he has been elected as Ambassador of Record Store Day. I don't know quite what that means but he made a funny video about it. You can watch the video below and read what he has to say about it here.

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