Lavender Diamond

Posted by on Saturday, March 9, 2013

We were hanging out at home today, doing absolutely nothing, when Christina played something that stopped me dead in my tracks (from playing on the internet). NPR posted a song on Tumblr from a band called Lavender Diamond. The singer, Becky Stark, has one of the classiest voices I've ever heard. This isn't your typical whimsy, whiny indie-rock girl voice. This is Barbara Streisand belting out "The Way We Were" circa 1974.

Believe me this girl's voice is amazing. How did I not hear about this until today? I can't live in the past, I suppose. I'm going to listen the hell out of this album.

The band is Lavender Diamond. The song below is "Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now". It appears on the album Incorruptible Heart. 

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