Compare and Contrast: City and Colour's The Hurry and The Harm

Posted by on Thursday, June 20, 2013

Zach's Review

City and Color is the moniker of Dallas Green. From what I know it was meant to be a side project from the popular hardcore band Alexisonfire. But Green pulled a Chris Carraba and stuck with the side project.  My first exposure to City and Colour was 2011's Little Hell, an album that I liked a lot but never completely fell in love with. The album didn't lack variety. It's filled with Justin Vernon-esque falsetto, acoustic guitar, and rock n'roll. There are songs on the album I like a lot, but there are also songs I didn't care for. The album seemed too busy.

The newest City and Colour and album, The Hurry and The Harm, is a tighter better version of Little Hell. The consistency of the album is what makes this album work, and (for the most part), Green sticks to what he does best, heart breaking acoustic ballads. The title of the album comes from its first track . The song (and theme of the record) is about how in today's hurried society we tend to get worked up over the smallest things, like having to wait in line or our wi-fi going out, and how there's harm in that.

Whether Green is singing about the dangers of following your dreams to California ("The Golden State") or trying to figure out his place in the world ("Of Space and Time") he does it in such a way that keeps you around for the duration of the album. The Hurry and Harm is a definite improvement over an already impressive catalog of albums. Dallas Green has proven once again that his music is as relevant as ever.
Zach’s Rating: 8.2/10

Tori's Review

I've never really listened to City and Colour. You know how sometimes there are bands you hear about and you already know you probably won't care for them just by their name? City and Colour was that for me. And I was right. I really don't care for them.

His voice isn't my favorite. Like, it's fine for the first few songs but then I'm just over it. It's just toooo.... soft and pretty? I know some people really like that. It's just not for me. He just has no edge. There's nothing in his music that gets me. After a while it all just starts to sound the same. At the start of some songs I think maybe I'll like it. Like Thirst starts out kind of cool, something different from the rest at least and at first, I don't think I'll mind Harder Than Stone but then they eventually all seem to turn into the same song.

I don't hate the album. I just don't like it. I mean, I can definitely see why others might enjoy listening to it. The album has some really beautiful guitar parts. I just think the album could benefit from pushing the limits a little more. I want to hear what else City and Colour can do besides make everything soft and pretty. There are parts of the album that show a little more diversity and that's good, but there's not enough. I think this album is a good start for more exploration.
Tori’s Rating: 4/10

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