The National: "We never put a song on a record that doesn't move us emotionally"

Posted by on Thursday, June 13, 2013

Matt Berninger, lead singer of The National, recently did an interview with Audie Cornish of NPR to promote their new album, Trouble Will Find Me. The interview is really great. I feel like it gives you a wonderful glance into the mind of one of the most talented song writers in indie rock. During the interview Berninger said something brilliant.

"...we never put a song on a record that doesn't move us emotionally, no matter how catchy or academically interesting the song is. If it doesn't do something to that pit in your stomach, your heart, it won't make it onto our record. Over the years, that has become our only guiding sort of principle"

This is one of the most potent explanations of song writing and which songs bands choose to put on an album that I've ever heard. That emotion is what has drawn (and will continue to draw) me to the National. Their new album, Trouble Will Find Me is out now. Listen to it. Even if you don't like it after the first listen, listen to it again. Listen until you feel it. 

You can read and listen to the interview in its entirety by clicking on the link below.

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