Xtina's Song of the Day

Posted by on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taking Back Sunday released a new song! It is called "Flicker Fade," and I love it (in case anyone had any doubts). It has all the energy of the last album with something else. It feels tight. It feels like Taking Back Sunday is supposed to feel: compassionate, empathetic, frustrated, hopeful, youthful, questioning, and old. It is no Tell All Your Friends, but it does have that same chemistry. Something was missing from the three albums while John Nolan and Shaun Cooper were gone, although I loved all those albums.

The album before the original gang got back together was called New Again, but that name would arguably be more appropriate for the new era of the band, which would include the self-titled and the upcoming album. This is newTaking Back Sunday, but the "again" comes into play with the energy and chemistry of the songs. The new song doesn't disappoint. Enjoy this video from their show at Starland Ballroom and look for their new album next spring.

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