Concert Review - The Walkmen

Posted by on Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Walkmen are a five piece band who formed in New York City about ten years ago. They have released six full length albums and have toured extensively. I first saw them play a small all ages only club in Seattle in the winter of my freshman year of college (which was 2003 for those of you that are counting). I saw them once again at the Bumbershoot festival in 2008 and just this last Thursday I was in attendance at their performance at Salt Lake City’s Twilight Concert Series. This is a biased review, but most are. The Walkmen are one of my favorite bands.

The show began with only guitarist Paul Maroon playing a spare few notes on guitar. Within a minute singer Hamilton Leithauser joined him onstage and began singing their new song “Line By Line”. They were then joined by the rest of the band to round out the song. It was a cool way to start the show. The band played a lot of songs from their new Album Heaven and their 2 year old album Lisbon. The new songs really shone live! I really enjoyed “Heaven”, “Love Is Luck” and the beautiful vocals harmonies during “We Can’t Be Beat”. But the greatest moment of the show was when they played “The Rat”. This song literally elicits a physical response from my body! I basically am forced to jump, dance and thrash around uncontrollably and I love every second of it. Hamilton introduced the band and thanked the crowd a handful of times. For one of the best bands around they basically come across as just regular guys.

The band played together so well and Hamilton sang his guts and throat out, just like every time I have seen them. My friend asked me how he could sing like that and not lose his voice and I honestly don't know but as long as he keeps it up I will keep listening. I highly recommend checking The Walkmen out live and on record! This little review does not do them justice!

Check out this live clip and a song from their new album...

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