Summer Playlist

Posted by on Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I made a summer playlist for all nine people or so that read this blog (it's actually probably less than that, haha). I know that summer is almost over. I know that this playlist is a little too late, but gimmie a break. I've been on vacation. 
I've made a lot of summer playlists and usually each song has something to do with summer. This playlist unfortunately doesn't have a specific song that uses the words summer, sunny, beach, swim, swim wear, sand, or ocean. It does however have a lot of good songs that would sound good while driving in your car with the window down on a hot summer night. 
If you are offended by a certain word that starts with F and ends in CK, then you might skip past the first song. It's used often and beautifully. Also, if anyone would like a copy of the playlist to download to a cd or put on they're mode of mp3 listening, message me on Facebook and I'll send you a link to download it. 
Enjoy the last months of summer, dudes (and dudettes, although I usually just call girls dudes  too, but I'm a feminist and don't want to offend anyone).

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