Xtina's Songs of the Day (Songs that make me cry)

Posted by on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I couldn't decide which song to choose for my song of the day; they both make me cry, so I thought that was a good theme for this post. It isn't very difficult to make me cry. Put on a song I love and I will cry every time, even if I have already listened to it five times in a row. 

My first song of the day is Jason Isbell's "Travelling Alone" from his new album Southeastern. He is a member of Drive-By Truckers, but he has been playing solo for a while now. What sets this album apart from his others is this is the first album he made while sober. You can really feel that in his music. In "Travelling Alone" he says "I've grown tired of travelling alone; won't you ride with me?" It's like a weary white flag or cry for help. It isn't a cry for help in the sense that he is doing something crazy to get attention-- it's more silent than that. When he says, "damn near strangled by my appetite" I could really relate. Sometimes the things we think we love are the worst for us. We just hang on to it because it's all we know. This was a very brave song for him to write. I am sold 1000% on Jason Isbell.

My second song of the day has a similar theme. Call me crazy if you want, but I love Demi Lovato. When I heard that she struggled with eating disorders and bipolar disorder, I did a little more research on her. I watched her MTV documentary on YouTube, and I cried a lot (see, I wasn't lying about the crying thing). She is very honest, and has worked hard to beat her problems instead of letting them beat her. I respect her a lot for that. Long story short, my song of the day is her song "Skyscraper" off of her album Unbroken. As someone who has struggled with some stuff, this song builds me up a little bit. I don't usually like pop music, but she has talent and a real story to back her up. I know that she knows what it means to struggle. Watch her performance on Ellen and tell me it doesn't make you get a little teary-eyed. Go ahead.

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  1. I love Demi. I loved her voice in Camp Rock (We will watch it together some time. It's hilarious). And I loved her documentary and I got to see it when it premiered because we were traveling with Jeff.


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