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When I was in high school, I read the Gossip Girl books voraciously. They were pretty silly, but they brought me into an entirely different world, one I would never know. My favorite books do that for me. I started watching the show sometime during the second season, I guess, and I have been hooked ever since. My friend Abby and I watched the first six or seven episodes at once, and that wasn't the last time I did that. I stayed up until 4.a.m nearly every night during a seven-week break from school in August 2010.

I became really emotionally vested in that show in a way that I hadn't since The O.C. in high school and Degrassi before that. I know, it's a silly premise. I used to refer to it as my guilty pleasure, but I like to own it now. Gossip Girl is my favorite television show. I always wanted to be Blair Waldorf, although I am not as mean, I think. Also, I love Chuck; he made the biggest transformation of all of them (and the actor that plays him, Ed Westwick, has a British accent!).

I had a hunch about who Gossip Girl actually was, but I never really knew until the second to last episode. Holy cow. The series finale was insane. Two weddings! Cops, Gossip Girl unveiling, babies! Sometimes life is crazy or sad or bad or good, and things like music and television shows and movies become a stand-in when you experience loss or any kind of tumult. I feel that way about music more than I do television, but I've only really become attached to three TV shows, and this is probably why. I cried a lot, but I always cry, so that's nothing new.

I want to buy all of the seasons on DVD and watch them again and again. It took me quite a while to watch the final series. I had to watch the series over again first. I wear bows on the left side of my head because of Blair Waldorf. I discovered really incredible music because of the show. I probably am not cool because of this post, but I am also not cool for a lot of things, and I like most of those things about myself.

Below is a playlist from season 6 of Gossip Girl. I didn't create it, but it's good.

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