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Posted by on Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm (not) sorry if you're tired of hearing about Bright Eyes. So, Conor Oberst used to be/still is in a band called Desaparecidos. They are a little noisy (in a good way) and pretty rockin'. I played air guitar non-ironically while listening to their first and only album Read Music/Speak Spanish in the car the other day. I was by myself, too. That's how great it is. Anyway, that album came out in 2002 and they kind of disappeared sometime after that.

They recently started playing together again and even recorded a few songs. One of their songs, "Marikkkopa," is about deportation and one mean county sheriff in Arizona. It's a good song. Conor Oberst plays a large role in Sound Strike, which is a group of artists boycotting Arizona because of SB1070.

(This isn't political, just music.)

The song won't embed, so click here to listen to it.


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  2. Desaparecidos is the only Conor Oberst music that I like. We (Jeff and I...possibly Ezra, too) are bummed that we're missing their Omaha show by a month. Estúpido.


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