Youth Lagoon

Posted by on Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trevor Powers is Youth Lagoon. His debut album "Year of Hibernation" came out last year to great reviews. I was especially interested because he was from Idaho, where I was living at the time. Not too many good independent musicians call Idaho home (Built To Spill is the only other band I can think of). From what I can remember I liked the album at first listen, but I never came  back to it until now.
Youth Lagoon played at Pitchfork Festival earlier this summer, and last month they posted a video of his performance on their website. It sent shivers down my spine. The very next day Daytrotter re-posted his session from last year. I listened to it. I loved it.
I went back and listened to "Year of Hibernation" and this time it made an impression. Most of the album sounds like it was recorded in his basement (I think I read that it was, but I'm too tired and lazy too look it up), which I love. Tracks that I love on the album are: Cannons, Afternoon, Montana, & Ghost To Me.
If you haven't  listened to this album, I highly suggest it.

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