Oh Canada

Posted by on Friday, August 31, 2012

It has been almost ten years since I was last north of the border. I've enjoyed visiting British Columbia a handful of times and lately I have really wanted to go on a road trip to Canada. In light of this I would like to do a little shout out to a few Canadian bands that broke up in the last year or so (because there have been a number!) Wolf Parade, Women, according to this interview http://pitchfork.com/features/interviews/8923-divine-fits/ Sunset Rubdown and Broken Social Scene (hiatus?)!

So here is a little Spotify playlist with some songs from the aforementioned bands as well as a song from the new band Divine Fits, featuring former Wolf parade member Dan Boeckner. A few other great Canadian bands round out the playlist. Hopefully I will make it to Canada soon…

Who is your favorite Canadian band? Besides Rush of course. Comment below.

ps this is not an all encompassing list, just some really good songs.


  1. good mix.
    love me some neil young though.

  2. uhh, love that sk8er boy. Tori, I love Neil Young too! What are your favorite albums? Songs?


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