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I have to wake up in exactly 5 hours for work. But I can't sleep. So I'm going to blog.

I love all girl bands. Namely rock n roll bands. Well, I love any girls in bands. Deborah Harry is one of my heros. But this blog is specifically about all girl bands. I love all girl bands but I hate when other people love them. Ok, well, that's not entirely true. I hate it when people (dudes) are like "yeah, they're really good, and they're an all girl band!" Like, is that surprising? Just because they're all girls, they automatically get more credit for being good? What are you trying to say here? And for some reason it's even more surprising to people (dudes) when they're all pretty girls.
First of all, all girls are pretty so shut up. Second, girls are just as good at making music as boys so go away.
Anyway, I'm probably over thinking this. And I should have been asleep 3 hours ago. And chicks rule.
So here's a mix I threw together on spotify of chicks that rock. (I would have included Seattle's La Luz but they're not on spotify. You should look them up too. They play surf rock). There were quite a few other bands I wanted to include that had one or two members in the band of the male gender (idiots!) but I tried to keep it pure. Namely the Long Blondes and The Ettes and The Noisettes and Blondie (duh). They're good. But not all girls. But you can listen to them some other time.

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