New Eisley Song/Xtina's Song of the Day

Posted by on Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eisley has been a favorite band of mine since I was 14 or 15, and I am so excited about this new album. Nylon posted a song off the new album  Currents called "Drink the Water," and it's great. It opens so perfectly with the piano, and Stacy's voice is better than ever. Eisley has been categorized as "dream pop," and I feel like that's a pretty accurate description except it leaves out the complexities of Eisley's music. I really love the almost dark or heavy feeling that their music contains, especially with The Valley. 

I was wondering where they would go with this new album since most of them are happily married with children, but if this song is any indicator of the album as a whole, I would say that Eisley fans will still be happy. Their albums typically offer such a variety of style, so I am excited to see how the whole album will sound. This song kind of sounds like it could have been on Sucre's A Minor Bird, but it's still got that signature Eisley sound.

Listen to it here.


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