Xtina's Song of the Day

Posted by on Sunday, April 14, 2013

My song of the day is "Sacrilege" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I have loved them since I first heard "Maps" when I was in eighth grade. My dear friend Harper even threw me a 20th birthday that was Yeah Yeah Yeah themed. I think they are so crazy and good, and I am really excited about this new album. They were on NPR today-- read the transcript or listen to it here.

They performed "Sacrilege" on Letterman this past week with a full gospel choir, and it was crazy. The lady directing the choir is nuts. I think Karen O. is just so cool. She was recently quoted as saying that she doesn't really care about fashion but she loves style. I really liked that. They are all also apparently really shy, so that made me like them even more.

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  1. Karen O is super sexy. I've heard mixed reviews of their new album tho. I also still need to listen to it myself...


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