This Song Blows

Posted by on Saturday, April 27, 2013

Usually I'm pretty positive when it comes to this blog. I hardly ever write a negative review or trash other people's music. I, for the most part, enjoy posting about music that I like.

However, this post is an exception. I listened to Andre 3000 and Beyonce cover Amy Winehouse's song "Back to Black" for the upcoming Great Gatsby movie. This song is awful. The music is lousy. It sounds like an electronic metronome. It's one of the most boring beats I've ever heard in my life and that's not even the worst part.

Andre 3000 straight up butchers the first verse. I don't have words to explain how bad his singing is. It sucks. Beyonce comes in to somewhat redeem the last half of the song, but the only reason it sounds okay is because Andre 3000 was so bad. If Beyonce had sung this by herself everyone would be talking about how horrible she was.

Don't listen to this song. It's one of the worst covers of all time. I'll post the crappy version and the original version so you can compare the two.

Just a side note I love the Amy Winehouse version.

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